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  • What it helps with

    Mental and Emotional Conditions have traditionally been treated with Medication and Psychotherapy. Neurofeedback offers a new, drug free way to improve the way you feel, think and live in ways that are sometimes faster and more effective without the side effects associated with psychotropic drugs (for things like depression, anxiety, attention etc.).

    Neurofeedback alone has offered statistically significant improvements for a host of conditions and has also been shown to increase the effectiveness of certain medications or Counseling. Like medication or Counseling, Neurofeedback cannot guarantee results for every person, but it’s statistical effectiveness has been documented by over 100,000 peer reviewed journal articles and thousands of satisfied clients. Our Neurofeedback software offers training for the following conditions:

    Attention Deficit Issues

    Anxiety (Generalized and Specific)

    Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Chronic Pain

    Compulsive Behaviors or Thoughts

    Depression (Sad/Blue)

    Difficulty with Social Cues

    Dyscalcula (problems calculating)

    Dyslexia (letter reversal)

    Executive Function Problems (organization)

    Failure to Initiate Actions

    Hyperactive or Agitation issues

    Impulsive Behaviors

    Insensitivity to the Feelings or Emotional Expression of Others

    Low Motivation

    Low Anger Threshold for Anger or Loss of Control

    Migraine Headaches

    Mood Swings

    Obsessive Thoughts about Self


    Oppositional Defiant Conduct (children)

    Antisocial Personality (in adults)

    Orientation in Space problems

    Multitasking Problems

    Perception of Letter Problems (children)

    Poor Judgement

    Poor skilled motor movements

    Poor social skills

    Receptive Language Problems

    Recognizing objects by touch problems

    Self-Esteem Problems

    Sequential Planning Problems

    Short Term Memory Problems

    Slow Reader Problems

    Slowness of thought-easily confused

    Speech articulation problems

    Substance Abuse

    Symptoms of Fibromyalgia


    Word Finding Problems

    Chronic Pain

    Bipolar Disorder

    Borderline Personality Disorder

    The process

    Jeff always starts with a Clinical Interview. His years of experience as a Psychotherapist combined with technical know how of Neurofeedback are combined to develop an understanding of the unique needs of a client and what their treatment goals are. This takes about an hour.

    Next we do a full Brain Map. Jeff records an EEG of the client’s brain at rest in eyes open and eyes closed state. This also takes about an hour.

    Jeff processes all the data from the recordings, does a write up of findings and sends his clinical insights and recorded electronic brain data to a Neurologist M.D. to screen for any brain injuries or lesions that may prevent a good outcome. If a person is not a candidate for Neurofeedback we refer them to a Neuropsychologist or other Medical Professionals. If the Neurologists feels the client can benefit from Neurofeedback, we proceed to the training phase which usually takes 20 sessions.

    The cost

    The first phase (Clinical interview, brain map recording, Jeff’s write up and Neurologists Clearance) costs $679.

    Sessions can be purchased individually at $140. per session or in lots of 5, 10 or 20 at a reduced rate.

    At this time insurance doesn’t cover the cost of Neurofeedback in Oklahoma (Nevada was the first State to reimburse… others will soon).

    What's Neurofeedback?

    If you were asked to increase your hand temperature by simply using your mind, you probably couldn’t. But if you hooked your hand to a computer that measured incremental changes in temperature and gave you hints about getting warmer… warmer… or nope colder… you could learn how to make blood flow to your extremities with your mind and your hand temperature would increase! I know it works, because I’ve tried it.  It’s great for people with migraines, etc.  The fancy name for this process is Biofeedback. With enough practice, you can raise your hand temperature without the computer and you don’t forget how to do it. It’s like riding a bike.

    Neurofeedback takes Biofeedback to a whole new level. It teaches you to approximate an optimal brain signature over and over by giving you a higher score as you get better at it.  It usually takes a minimum of 20 one hour sessions, but over time your brain actually starts changing permanently as indicated by a decline in troubling symptoms and brain map data. In over 100,000 studies, Neurofeedback has proven to lead to more efficient thinking and concentration, a general improvement in your mood and more control over your emotions.  It also gives you more mental power to break out of bad habits and overcome past trauma or anxiety naturally. These improvements are just the beginning of what Neurofeedback is capable of doing. (See “What it helps with” on this page for a full list of Neurofeedback benefits)

    If you decide to do it, we begin with a detailed map of your brain that compares your current brain signature to an ideally functioning brain. Then we program a computer to reward you when your brain is in the training zone (for the brain network involved in producing the symptom we’re helping you improve). You’ll play a video game (literally with your brain) that rewards you when your brain imitates a better brain signature. With practice you learn to re-train your brain until it resets itself.  As this happens, you think better, feel better and live better naturally. 

    All of us have the  ability to learn to control our body and brain in far greater ways than we realize, and the benefits can be amazing. When you combine the benefits of Counseling and Neurofeedback, the results have been far greater in our clinic than at anytime in my 30 year career of helping people.  I’m looking forward to working with you as well.  

    Jeff Rindt, M.A. LPC BCIA BCN | Licensed Professional Counselor and National Board Certified Neurofeedback Provider

    Our BRAIN NETWORKS Approach

    While most practitioners train 1-4 surface sites on the scalp, we train 19 areas during each session with LORETA Neurofeeback Training. This allows us to select hundreds of brain network “metrics” that train entire systems in your brain in one session. It allows us to be much more specific about what symptoms we’re trying to improve and which full brain networks help you improve. We also offer 4 Channel Z Score training as well as traditional Neurofeedback according to your needs.

    A Brain Map with Every Session!

    Most Practitioners only offer one brain map at the beginning of your training, then another after 20 sessions. We do a brain map every session to track improvements in brain data. It allows us to make adjustments quickly and optimize your training!

    Our world class Neurofeedback hardware

    Our Nexus 32 EEG Neurofeedback Amplifier is the Gold Standard for Research Hospitals and Academic Institutions around the world. It’s the most accurate, dependable and respected Neuro Amplifier available. It’s much more expensive, but it offers unequaled brain analysis and training.

    Access to Neuroguide Brain Software

    Our Neuroguide Brain Database was created by Robert Thatcher, M.D. who was involved in the US Government’s Decade of the Brain Study in the 90’s. His research gave us far greater understanding of how the brain works together like a symphony of different systems. That information became the foundation for our understanding of ideal brain functioning and is the measure we train to in our sessions. (Other databases are formed from random populations, which may include some not so healthy brains!). So we offer the most sophisticated and reliable brain database there is to analyze your brain signature and develop a plan that targets the exact systems in the brain that relate to the symptoms we want to improve. (Pictured: Jeff during training with Dr. Thatcher).

    Our LORETA Brain Training Software

    Our Neuroguide Brain Training Software. Offers the very best Neurofeedback Training currently available. It was created under the direction of Dr. Bob Thatcher, a leading researcher on the “Decade of the Brain Project” advocated by President George Bush in the 90’s. The study created a quantum leap forward in our understanding the networks of the brain.

    Our Training & Experience

    Jeff is a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as a National Board Certified Neurofeedback Provider by the BCIA (the most respected Certification Board in the US and abroad). He was personally mentored by John Anderson who recently received a lifetime achievement award from the BCIA for his contribution to the advancement of Quantitative Neurofeedback, and by Bob Thatcher M.D. who invented Neuroguide Software and is known as one of the most respected leaders in the field of Neurofeedback and Brain Science world-wide. Jeff has done thousands of hours of study and Neurofeedback training and is a pioneer in understanding the interplay of Neuro brain training procedures and the improvement of symptoms commonly treated by therapy or medication alone.

    Our Location

    We’re located at 71st and Sheridan. We’re easy to get to. Our Neuro Suite is private, state of the art and comfortable. Neurofeedback with us is an easy, fun experience and the results can be life changing.