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    9 Reasons to Choose Thrive Neurofeedback

    We’ve worked hard and invested much to offer the best equipment and most well trained practioners. The net effect is a better experience and better outcomes for our clients. Here’s a few things to consider when deciding who to trust with your care or someone you love.

    We Reach Deep Areas of the Brain

    Sometimes emotional symptoms originate in the deeper areas of your brain. That’s why we offer LORETA Neurofeedback. Where most practitioners train 1-4 surface sites on the scalp, We use 19 sensors that allow us to vector down train entire brain networks specific to your symptoms and areas where you need the most help. We select hundreds of “metrics” in the brain in one session. It’s much more specific to causes faster, easier and better training than any other Neurofeedback system.

    We Do Frequent Brain Maps to Chart Progress!

    While most Practitioners only offer one brain map at the beginning, then another after 20 sessions. We do a brain map every session to track improvements in brain data. It allows us to make adjustments quickly so you get better faster and pay less!

    Our Nexus 32 EEG Neurofeedback Amplifier is the Gold Standard for Research Hospitals and Academic Institutions around the world. It’s the most accurate, dependable and respected Neuro Amplifier available. It’s more expensive, but it offers unequaled brain analysis and training. 

    Our Neuroguide Brain Database. We analyze your brain with the most sophisticated and reliable brain database in the world to see where training can benefit you the most. 

    Our Neuroguide Brain Training Software… offers the very best Neurofeedback Training currently available. It was created under the direction of Dr. Bob Thatcher, a leading researcher on the “Decade of the Brain Project” advocated by President George Bush in the 90’s. The study created a quantum leap forward in our understanding the networks of the brain.

    We’re well trained! Jeff Rindt has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, 52 additional hours of Doctoral Study in Clinical Psychology and a National Board Certification in Neurofeedback by the BCIA (the world’s most recognized Certification body) 

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