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    Professional Training & Endorsements

    Data Sheet For

    Jeff Rindt M.A. LPC BCIA BCN

    (Clinical Psychology & Nuerofeedback)

    6953 S. 66th E. Ave

    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133


    Personal Data

    Born in Germany.

    Raised in Arkansas City, KS.

    Currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Licensed Psychotherapist

    Director of Jeff Rindt & Associates Inc.

    National Board Certified Neurofeedback Provider

    Director of Thrive Neurofeedback Inc.

    Married to Katie Rindt (host of KXOJ morning show in Tulsa)

    Has five children


    1996-2000      Doctoral Candidate    Clinical Psychology                Arizona School of Professional


    Phoenix, Arizona


    Rosemead School of Psychology

    La Mirada California

    1998-2000      Earned M.A.               Clinical Psychology                Arizona School of Professional Psychology

    Phoenix, Arizona


    1994 & 1996  M.C. non-degreed      Counseling Psychology          Arizona State University

    (9 hours prior to PsyD. acceptance)                                                  Tempe, Arizona


    1981               Earned B.A.               History & Theology                Oral Roberts University

    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Additional Training and Certifications


    National BCIA Board Certified Neurofeedback Provider 2018-Current

    Licensed Professional Counselor by the Oklahoma Board of Behavioral Health 2004-Current

    Continuing Education Teacher for St. Johns Hospital and Brookhaven Hospital in Tulsa 2005-Current

    Certified Emotional Intelligence Tester and Coach (Bar-on EQi) 2006-Current

    Certified Trainee and State-Wide Presenting Trainer for the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative 2003-2014

    Completed the Stens 5 day Biofeedback Training by Phillip A.(Tony) Hughes Ph.D. 2017

    Completed the Stens 4 day Neurofeedback Training by John Anderson, M.A. 2017

    Completed the Stens 5 day QEEG Neurofeedback Training by John Anderson, M.A. 2017


    Career Experience


    Psychotherapist and Director of Jeff Rindt & Associates (Tulsa, OK.) 2000-Current. A faith-friendly Counseling Practice devoted to the needs of adults, children, families and couples for the past 16 years.


    National Board Certified Neurofeedback Provider and Director of Thrive Neurofeedback (Tulsa, OK.) 2017-Current


    Author of Marriage Series “Loving By Design” A 6 Session Audio series about how to reduce corrosive conflict in marriage and adopt new strategies for keeping love fresh and alive.


    Author of Divorce Recovery Series “Heartbreak No More” A 30 session audio series with a 300-page workbook featuring cutting edge strategies for stopping the pain of love loss and creating a better life in the future.

    Psychology Adjunct Professor Tulsa Community College 2004-2014

    Human Sexuality and Marriage and Family Instructor.


    Activities & Honors


    * Student Body President of Arizona School of Professional Psychology during Doctorate 97-98.

    * Selected as a 1990 Nominee to Who’s Who in the West (United States)

    * Member of the Board of Directors of Ahwatukee Rotary Club, 1989

    * Honor Roll Student (3.6+) at Oral Roberts University 1980, Rosemead 1996-97, AzSPP 98-2000.

    * Traveled internationally through the Music Program at ORU, 1979-81

    * Intramural Athletics at ASU and ORU. 1976-81

    * Member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, ASU, 1975-76

    * Selected for the Arizona State University Men’s Chorale, 1976.

    * Kansas Regional Golf Champion Medalist and Two Man and Ark Valley Golf Champion 1973-75                                            

    * Selected as a member of the Mid-American Choir to Europe, 1974.

    Hobbies & Interests


    Big fan of Formula One (European F1) auto racing, public speaking, golf, comedy, entertaining and socializing with friends, travel, reading, writing and listening to music.


    Curriculum Vitae (Official List of Accredited Academic Course Work in Psychology)

    Psychology Foundations

    Introduction to Psychology (ASU 3 hours)

    Introduction to Psychotherapy (Rosemead 3 hours)

    History and Systems of Psychology (AzSPP 3 hours)

    Biological Basis of Behavior (AzSPP 3 hours)

    Cognitive and Affective Basis of Behavior (AzSPP 3 hours)

    Social Basis of Behavior (AzSPP 3 hours)

    An Integrated Model of Psychology I (Rosemead 3 hours)

    The Nature and Scope of Integration (Rosemead 3 hours)


    Human Development

    Child and Adolescent Development (AzSPP 3 hours)

    Adult Development (AzSPP 3 hours)



    Personality and Psychopathology I (Rosemead 3 hours)

    Personality and Psychopathology II (Rosemead 3 hours)

    Adult Psychopathology (AzSPP 3 hours)

    Child & Adolescent Psychopathology (AzSPP 3 hours)


    Clinical Interventions and Psychotherapy

    A Systems Approach to Family Dysfunction (ASU 3 hours)

    Learning Cognition and Affect from a Behavioral Perspective (Rosemead 3 hours)

    Family and Marital Therapy (AzSPP 3 hours)

    Psychoanalytic Theory and Psychotherapy (AzSPP 3 hours)

    Cognitive Behavioral Theory and Therapy (3 hours AzSPP)

    Assessment and Treatment of Racially Diverse Populations (AzSPP 3 hours)

    Group Psychotherapy (AzSPP 3 hours)

    Advanced Group Process (AzSPP 3 hours)

    Psychopharmacology (AzSPP 3 hours)

    Consultation and Supervision (AzSPP 3 hours)



    Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis Training

    Tests and Measures (AzSPP 3 hours)

    Measurement and Assessment I – Cognitive Intelligence/Achievement Testing (Rosemead 3 hours)

    Measurement and Assessment II – Personality Testing (Rosemead 3 hours)

    Measurement and Assessment III Rorschach Administration, Scoring and Interpretation (AzSPP 3 hours)

    Measurement and Assessment IV Test Battery for Personality and Cognitive Testing (AzSPP 3 hours)

    Neuropsychological Assessment (AzSPP 3 hours)


    Statistics and Research Methods

    Statistics and Research Methods (AzSPP 3 hours)

    Statistics and Research Methods (1 Hour Oklahoma University)


    Supervised Clinical or Counseling Labs

    Counseling I and II (ORU 6 hours)

    Multi-Cultural Counseling (ASU 3 hours)

    Pre-Practicum I (Rosemead 3 hours)

    Pre-Practicum II (Rosemead 3 hours)

    Practicum and Seminar A, B & C (AzSPP 3 hours)

    1 year Practicum with Psychological Counseling Services, Scottsdale AZ (AzSPP)


    Professional Development

    Professionalization Group I (AzSPP)

    Professionalization Group II (AzSPP)

    Professionalization Group III (AzSPP)

    Professional Ethics and Conduct (AzSPP 3 hours)


    Papers & Presentations


    Single and Satisfied. A Singles Guide for Thriving without Feeling Like Life is on Hold

    2016 Asbury UMC City Wide Singles Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma


    Loving By Design. A Program for Couples to Stay Connected in a Busy World

    2014 –Current


    Real Winning The principles of Being Your Best Self



    Beyond a Breakup/Heartbreak No More

    How to Get Up and Recreate a Life you Love… After Love Loss

    2002-Present (Sold nationally)


    World Class Customer Service

    Fall of 2001 for the 105 member staff and stylist roster for Rolf’s Salon’s In Scottsdale and Phoenix


    The Class of 2000: A Survey of Attitude Changes among Adolescent’s Since 1970.

    Article Published in The Arizona Foothills Magazine, Summer, 1998


    Passion, Persuasion, Persistence and Production: The elements of success in sales.

    Presentation to Travelers Insurance Group in 1996


    A Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Smoking Cessation: A program for Business and Industry.

    Spring of 1998


    Implementing Diversity and Increasing Productivity in the American Workplace: A survey of Programs that Increase Corporate Team Building and Worker Satisfaction .

    Spring of 1998


    Success with Satisfaction: Building Team Unity.

    A Presentation to the Seattle Mariner Baseball Team, Spring, 1991


    Power, Peace and Performance in the Workplace: A Six Session Seminar on Living above Mediocrity in one’s Career.

    Presentation, Fall 1993

    Infancy, Toddlerhood and Early Childhood: A Presentation for Child Care Workers on the Major Personality Theories in the Field of Psychology Relating to Understanding Children.

    Spring 1997


    The Constellation of Symptoms Related to Childhood Mood Disorders: Unique Features, Etiology, Diagnostic Criteria, Prevalence/Incidence, Course, Prognosis & Treatment.

    Winter of 1997


    Diagnosing Attention Defecit-Hyperactivtiy Disorder in Adults.

    Spring of 1997


    A Survey of the Works and Writings of Abraham Maslow: His Theories and Presuppositions Relating to Work Satisfaction and Successful Daily Living.

    Fall 1998


    Healthy Faith: A Four Session Seminar on Psychologically Avoiding Dysfunctional Religious Belief and Honoring God Authentically.

    Presentation, Summer of 1998


    The History of the Psychodynamic Movement: Psychoanalysis to Self-Psychology

    Presentation, Fall 1998 to the Arizona School of Professional Psychology


    Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

    Speaking tour to numerous States in 1985


    Dr. Horace Lukens


    Past-President of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies International (CAPS)

    “Don’t miss any opportunity to work with Jeff Rindt, M.A. LPC BCN. He shares critically important information about relationships, and life in down to earth and practical ways. A relaxed and effective Counselor, Jeff brings truths to life in powerful, easy to understand and humorous ways that will make your participation worthwhile.”

    Phoebe Baker, M.S.

    Professor and Former Interim Dean for Tulsa Community College

    Winner of the prestigious Carnegie Teacher of the Year Award for Oklahoma

    “A great deal of Jeff’s time and energy has been devoted to researching and studying the factors that lead to good relationships. His insightful, comprehensive approach leaves people with a more positive focus for the future. After his presentations to students, faculty and staff they frequently commented on how informative the sessions were and what a dynamic, energetic communication style Jeff demonstrates. One staff member summarized one of Jeff’s presentations well when she said, “I wish I had known all this when I was 20.” Whenever I attend one of Jeff’s sessions I always glean some helpful hints on improving my own relationship as well as aspects of my own behavior that could use improvement.”

    Jay Ferraro, Ph. D.

    Psychologist and Author of Surprised by Love

    “Jeff’s Series Heartbreak No More / Beyond a Breakup accomplishes the lofty goal of providing people a specific road map for healing, recovery and personal empowerment in a scientifically sound and immensely usable package. He’s a seasoned clinician and his program is very professional, while being totally engaging and practical. I’ve used Jeff’s Series professionally and personally and I’d have to say it’s very well written. Jeff combines clinical skill and professional research in one highly user friendly package. It WORKS.”


     David Leifeste, M.S. LPC

    Brittany Park Counseling Associates / Tulsa, Ok

    “I highly encourage you to get Jeff’s Media Series on recovering from heartbreak. I’ve been using his program with my hurting clients after a breakup or divorce and it cuts their recovery dramatically. It’s hard to believe how well it works. If you’re hurting, GET IT. It’s the most well put together breakup recovery program I’ve ever seen.  It’s a must for those of you going through a time of rebuilding.”


    Josh Lawrence

    Celebrate Recovery Pastor/ Southern Hills Baptist Church/ Tulsa, OK.

    Jeff is making a huge impact in the lives of others. His passionate and relevant communication style and his excellent research based content engages everyone he works with. You’ll walk away with a sense of renewed hope and strength. He’ll help you understand who you’re created to be, and get motivated to take the opportunity for new life that’s in front of you. It’s transformational!”

    Charlene Giles, L.M.F.T.,

    Director of Marriage Ministries

    Asbury United Methodist Church Tulsa, OK

    “Are you ready for a wake up? Jeff Rindt adds “spark” to any anyone he works with! Sometimes it’s hard to get men to listen to relationship content, but Jeff meets them right where they are with down-to-earth, practical suggestions and humor. I haven’t heard anything but positive comments from people who Jeff has helped one on one or who has attended the 6-week course Jeff recently taught at Asbury.”