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    Thrive365 is dedicated to providing professionally based resources that support individual growth, improved relationships and better living.  

    “Don’t miss any opportunity to enjoy Jeff Rindt, M.A. LPC BCN. He shares critically important information about relationships, and life in down to earth and practical ways. A relaxed and effective Counselor, Jeff brings truths to life in powerful, easy to understand and humorous ways that will make your participation worthwhile.”

    Dr. Horace Lukens


    Past-President of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies International (CAPS)

    “A great deal of Jeff’s time and energy has been devoted to researching and studying the factors that lead to good relationships. His insightful, comprehensive approach leaves people with a more positive focus for the future. After his presentations to students, faculty and staff they frequently commented on how informative the sessions were and what a dynamic, energetic communication style Jeff demonstrates. One staff member summarized one of Jeff’s presentations well when she said, “I wish I had known all this when I was 20.” Whenever I attend one of Jeff’s sessions I always glean some helpful hints on improving my own relationship as well as aspects of my own behavior that could use improvement.”

    Phoebe Baker, M.S.

    Professor and Former Interim Dean for Tulsa Community College

    Winner of the prestigious Carnegie Teacher of the Year Award for Oklahoma

    “Jeff’s Series Heartbreak No More / Beyond a Breakup accomplishes the lofty goal of providing people a specific road map for healing, recovery and personal empowerment in a scientifically sound and immensely usable package. He’s a seasoned clinician and his program is very professional, while being totally engaging and practical. I’ve used Jeff’s Series professionally and personally and I’d have to say it’s very well written. Jeff combines clinical skill and professional research in one highly user friendly package. It WORKS.”

    Jay Ferraro, Ph. D.

    Psychologist and Author of Surprised by Love

    “I highly encourage you to get Jeff’s Media Series on recovering from heartbreak. I’ve been using his program with my hurting clients after a breakup or divorce and it cuts their recovery dramatically. It’s hard to believe how well it works. If you’re hurting, GET IT. It’s the most well put together breakup recovery program I’ve ever seen.  It’s a must for those of you going through a time of rebuilding.”

     David Leifeste, M.S. LPC

    Brittany Park Counseling Associates / Tulsa, Ok

    Jeff is making a huge impact in the lives of others. His passionate and relevant communication style and his excellent research based content engages everyone he works with. You’ll walk away with a sense of renewed hope and strength. He’ll help you understand who you’re created to be, and get motivated to take the opportunity for new life that’s in front of you. It’s transformational!”

    Josh Lawrence

    Celebrate Recovery Pastor/ Southern Hills Baptist Church/ Tulsa, OK.

    “Are you ready for a wake up? Jeff Rindt adds “spark” to any anyone he works with! Sometimes it’s hard to get men to listen to relationship content, but Jeff meets them right where they are with down-to-earth, practical suggestions and humor. I haven’t heard anything but positive comments from people who Jeff has helped one on one or who has attended the 6-week course Jeff recently taught at Asbury.”

    Charlene Giles, L.M.F.T.,

    Director of Marriage Ministries

    Asbury United Methodist Church Tulsa, OK