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    1. Why We Love

    2. Your Brain in Love

    3. Why Love Loss Hurts

    4. How to Stop the Pain of Love Loss

    5. The Process of Healing After Love Loss

    6. There's Purpose in All Pain

    7. Taking Your Power Back

    8. How to Know if You Need to Let Go

    9. How to Know if it's Time to Let Go II

    10. Turning Shame into Self Worth

    11. Getting Up Instead of Giving Up

    12. Kicking Jealousy to the Curb


    13. How to Stop Being Addicted to a Person

    14. From "EX-addiction" an Un-Addiction

    15. Handling Anger Without Getting Burned

    16. Anger Without Getting Burned II

    17. How to Calm Frazzled Emotions

    18. How to Be Your Best Self I&II

    19. Being Your Best Self III

    20. Being Your Best Self is Happiness IV

    21. Being Your Best Self V

    22. Discovering Your Life Mission

    23. Empower Your Body... Empower Your Life

    24. Changing Your Habits for Good

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    25. How to Create Confidence and Charisma

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    26. How to Build a New Social Life

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    27. Winning Moves of the Socially Skilled

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    28. OMG Dating Again!

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    29. Falling in Love Again... How Do You Know?

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    30. Getting Over It! Forever... !

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    Overcome love loss... and thrive!

    Getting over a breakup or a divorce really hard to do alone. You need more than time. You need tools. Here’s  the absolute best set of tools you can get. It includes 30 audio sessions with a workbook that shows you how to turn love loss into a better life than you’ve ever had. It’s transformed the lives of thousands of people in our  Counseling practice and seminars in the past 20 years and it will stop the pain of love loss, now… and forever. It’s guaranteed to make you strong enough to win your ex back and rekindle lost love if it’s right for you, or build a new life that’s so good you don’t miss the one you had. To order call 918.742.2600 or leave us a message below.

    With payment, you’ll receive a link to a download to get started and send you the entire series (CDs and DVDs) by mail.

    Feeling good again is just around the corner. Having someone you trust to work with and the best tools available is the best way forward. Give us a call at 918.742.2600 or contact us below to order.

    Get started with HBNM Sessions Now!

    There are 3 great ways to buy…

    Individual Sessions (30-45 min each)

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    Mini-Series Collection

    It's a group of Sessions on a specific aspect of recovery from love loss depending where you're at.

    The Whole Enchilada!

    The Whole Enchilada!

    You get everything including all 30 audio sessions, 4 hours of video content and a 240 page downloadable workbook. It's the most powerful set of tools ever created for getting through love loss and feeling great again. It's the best value too... on sale now!

    Heartbreak No More Series