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    Emotional Intelligence (EQi 2.0) Testing and Training for Individuals & Teams

    EQ-i Emotional Intelligence Training For Business and Career Growth with Jeff Rindt, M.A. LPC BCN

    As you know, intelligence is defined by more than an IQ score. Sure, it’s nice to be smart and educated, but studies show that those factors aren’t what makes people successful or happy. In fact, there is a better measure of overall intelligence called Bar-On EQ-i™ Emotional Intelligence Test. 

    It measures 15 emotional and social areas and helps you improve through testing, personal consultations and retesting to show you results. Studies show that improvement in Bar-On EQ-i™ Emotional Intelligence Test results translates to more money ($29,000. per year more to be exact), more happiness and more effectiveness in life.  

    Here are the 15 areas we look at…

    ·        Self-Regard

    ·        Emotional Self-Awareness

    ·        Assertiveness / Emotional Self-Expression

    ·        Independence

    ·        Empathy

    ·        Social Responsibility

    ·        Interpersonal Relationship

    ·        Stress Tolerance

    ·        Impulse Control

    ·        Reality Testing

    ·        Flexibility

    ·        Problem Solving

    ·        Self-Actualization

    ·        Optimism

    ·        Happiness / Well-Being


    People who become Emotionally Intelligent are in demand. 

    When we increase our emotional intelligence we understand and express ourselves better and we do a better job of understanding and relating with others. We learn to cope with daily pressures without getting stuck in procrastination or over-reacting. We become more self-aware and more aware of how others perceive us. We understand our strengths and weaknesses, and learn to express our feelings and thoughts non-corrosively.

    To be emotionally intelligent means we have the ability to manage our emotions so that they work for us and not against us. We learn to be a positive influence and to be self-motivated. We become more aware of others’ emotions and needs, and learn how to establish and maintain cooperative, constructive and mutually meaningful relationships. It means we can deal with change by coping with an immediate situation, solving personal and interpersonal problems and making decisions as needs arise. Finally, it means we learn how to inspire the best in others and ourselves and to see life as a growth experience, not just a fight for survival.


    How much does the test cost?

    360. for the test and one interpretive meeting. Each EQ-i consultation thereafter is 150. 


    How do you take the test?

    Online through an email link Jeff sends to you. 


    How long does the test take?

    The Bar-On EQi Test has 133 questions and takes about 30 minutes to complete


    How many one on one sessions are required?

    We recommend a minimum of 6 sessions. Some people do many more when they see the results they’re able to achieve. 


    How do I sign up?

    Tell Jeff you’re interested in the test and pay for the test and one session debrief ($360.). Jeff sends you an email invitation to an online platform.


    What else is the Bar-On EQ-i™ test used for?

    Besides being incredibly useful and insightful in counseling and business settings, it’s excellent for evaluating new hires in business, helping existing leadership teams work together more effectively (with the benefit of a 360 test) and helpful for families (including a youth test).


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